Load GD scenes and take control using pure JS

It is something that I don’t expect to happen in the near future but I need something like this badly and I believe GDevelop.js is tried to be something like this and I hope it will be one day. :blush:

I have a multiplayer game/simulation idea but I don’t want it to be a full screen canvas game because I don’t want to be limited by the game engine when it comes to functionality and UI.
Instead what I want to do is I want to build the game using HTML,CSS,JS and probably a tons of other libraries that I’m not familiar with (yet) and I want to use a game engine to display graphics, scenes, animations. But I don’t want to only display it but also want to take full control if/when necessary to move and change things based on user input and a database without the game canvas being in focus.

Thank you.