Load/Save User

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the help so far! I looked through a lot of forums and feel like I have an OK grasp on the storage system, but I need some help figuring out multiple users. Right now my system works fine I can type in a single username such as Donkey Kong hit a button and it will add it to a group such as main/user/username.

I haven’t figured out how to do an: If a variablestring is found in main/user/username then do… I’m guessing it has do with Existence of a group but can’t figure out how to work it any help with that would be appreciated.
What I do now is create a variablestring from the storage and compare the variablestring to a variable string just entered if they match then you have logged in and can play.

My problem now is a second user KrazyKow decides to register and in main/user/username it clears the old username and places the new one. {“main”:{“user”:{“username”:{“str”:“KrazyKow”}

What I tried to do and would like is for it not to create a string but to create a group. such as:
Write registered in “Main/User/EnteredText.String()” of file “GameInfo” - That didn’t work though i tried… :frowning:
It might look like this {“main”:{“user”:{“DonkeyKong”:{“str”:“registered”}

If it did later In game when you reach level 5 I can write 5 in Main/User/TheCreatedUser/Level and use that to store level.
The user leaves the game and returns and enters his login that now becomes a global variable UserName and he is in the game. He hits load and the game checks IF main/user/UserName/level = 4 go to scene 4

Hope that made sense it is pretty late but I did triple look it over!

Your second system (username as a group) is the right answer, but this:

Doesn’t work because you write all the expression between “”, so this “Main/User/EnteredText.String()” is a constant string, and GD will search this group:

You have to concatenate the constant expression “Main/User/” with the return string of the expression EnteredText.String() this way:
“Main/User/” + EnteredText.String()

Let me know :slight_smile:

Great Lizard! Thanks, it worked! Hopefully I can make a tutorial on all I did soon and post it on the Wiki.