Loading and viewing external markdown documents


While using GDevelop over the years, I’ve come to realise a way to load and view external markdown documents would be very useful for multiple reasons.

  • Allow more complex examples and demos to have further reading and/or instructions without sending the user to a website for instructions,
  • Allow the community to write tutorials that can be bundled with assets so the user does not need to leave the engine for instructions.
  • Give developers options of including their own .md documents to store project notes, to-do lists or ideas.
  • The functionality could open the way to have a version of the wiki/gdevelop documentation be included in the engine, which is another thing that other engines do which is incredibly useful.

This sort of functionality is included with some other engines and is incredibly useful. (Well, at least I’ve found it so). I’ve made a mockup of what this could look like and would like feedback on whether or not people would find this useful or even if it is possible.

To avoid clutter in the editor, I would suggest making the document as an extra tab in the interface (like scenes/event sheets) which can be opened and closed like any other scene, event sheet, or external layout/events.

For tutorials/extensions/demos that have detailed documentation, an option could be added in preferences to enable a specified markdown document to be loaded by default when the project is open.

And possibly even a way for gdevelop users to load their own docs for reference or to view notes.

And lastly, a huge thankyou to anyone who bothers to read this. Would love to hear what people think about the idea.


Personally, i am against. This seems like unnecessary bloat to me. If you want to add a text, you can just put a word or libre office document directly in the project folder, they are made for this, and will always do it better than GDevelop could ever. This is just not in scope to me. Something more in scope would be rendering comments as markdown when not editing them?

Markdown is already present in various places in the engine (extension descriptions, changelog…), so adding the wiki would be trivial already if the wiki had a plugin for markdown exporting.