Loading resources on demand - Global objects and other resources

I would like some way to achieve the loading of resources dynamically and not all at the beginning of the game. Perhaps it is possible to have a group section (different from the current one) that can group the objects to be loaded (images, sounds, videos) and through events, load each group according to need (perhaps it could be applicable only to global objects).
I know that it is not something simple and that at some point it has been discussed, but I think that it is important in any big game and it is essential for the world of gaming on mobile devices.
Gdevelop is an incredible tool to create video games and to this day I think it is the weakest point I see. In my case, so far the folder where I keep the files occupies less than 60 mb. However, on a phone with 4 GB of RAM and a mediocre processor, it takes 40 - 50 seconds to start the game. I don’t have any quality images.


The best thing I can think of is using the “load images from a URL extension” and use the action “load URL into a sprite” and just not have a animation already attached to the spray, this would be quite a limited though, and would only allow you to use a single animation frame
Again, this is very limited so if you are trying to make like an enemy, that would have the sprite load in later that has animations like walking, shooting or what not then that wouldn’t really work

It could be useful for some punctual images, maybe higher quality images. Anyway, I think that would only work if the player has internet access, right? If it is this way, it converts it into a variable and therefore important images for the game could not depend on this method.

Yes it dose require internet but to my knowledge that is the closest thing to what you are wanting