Loading screen between scenes

hii athena again, this time can someone help me in adding a loading screen between scenes for example you tap on play and it will be directed to loading screen and after a while, you’re on the next scene, help everyone hehe thankyousomuchh^^

You could create on the one hand the loading scene. On the other hand, when you change scenes and redirect to the loading scene, you can modify a global variable that chooses which scene the game will go to. In turn, start a timer in the loading scene when it starts. You could add an event in the loading scene that includes as a condition that the timer is greater than X time (the one you decide) and according to the value of the global variable it is redirected to the scene you want. One possibility is to name the scenes with the same number that is associated with the global variable to which it redirects, facilitating the programming of the redirection (For example, the global variable SCENE with value “2” associates the redirection with the scene name “2”, from value “3” to scene name “3”, etc):

I don’t know if someone has done it in a simpler way but it is what occurs to me. I haven’t tested it, but I assume it works this way. Remember that in the current scene, before going to the load scene, you must modify that value of the global variable according to the scene you want to redirect to.

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@Points has a good solution.

If your loading screen is fairly simple, you could also just have the loading screen as an External Layout, then either load it at the end of a scene or at the beginning of the next, and only show it for a certain amount of time. That would avoid having to use an intermediary scene.

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I have not yet tried it but I will later and will inform you on how did it turned out, tysm pointss. Another one though how about the “Level complete scene” and to add the star on how great did one person perform, I’m sorry if it’s too much hehe~

Both things will depend on how you want to make the game and how you want it to look. The victory screen can simply be a layer over the scene, that depends on what you want. Many times the games that after the victory give points are visualized as a layer with the stars above the scene (sometimes with the background blurred). Before choosing you must mentally visualize how you want it to look. On the other hand, the stars also depend on what your game is based on, if it depends on how many things you collect or, for example, the time it takes you to complete the mission, etc.

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I already visualized it mentally and came up with a simple “level complete” and a star and a “play again”, “Next”, and a “Return home” Button

You can make a layer that is hidden during the game and once finished you make it visible. You can also make an external layout and use it when finishing. The star system should depend on what is valued in the game (items collected, time to finish the game, etc).

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oooo thankyouu mwaaa😙