Loading screen, unpacking resource loading, upadate, purchase?

trying to catch up to modern online games or mobage and i have ton of questions like how and why do you use loading screens, unpacking resources and creating a “buy” link that works and adds/download datas?

any way to learn all these? books are welcome

thank you.

Such games have scenes with huge initialization steps (what you would put in an on beginning of the scene condition), so they split it on multiple frames, and show a sprite with a single animation while the initialization steps happen to let the user know something IS happening and their game didn’t just freeze.

That’s usually pretty easy to do while programming with a language, but GDevelop doesn’t have (yet?) Advanced enough file manipulation tools, and doesn’t exposes very internal stuff like dynamic loading of resources. Using Js events it isn’t that hard tho.

They usually have a server and it works approximately like this:
The game opens a website if the server notifying it that your account wants to buy that thing
The webpage redirects you to a payment website
The game continuously asks the server if the thing was bought until it gets a confirmation it got cancelled or payed
If the payment website is closed then it tells the server that it got cancelled
If the payment website pays successfully it notifies the server about successful payment.
Once the game got confirmation it adds what the user bought (often it just increases a variable).
Payment websites would be stripe or PayPal for example.
If it is a dlc, like before it isn’t that hard to do via JavaScript but the necessary internals are not directly exposed in GDevelop.

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i see… thank you very much for the explanation… have you tried the paypal or stripe connection via gdevelop?

No, I never tried, sorry.

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ah okay thats fine

i wasgonna ask how do you put them in gdevelop roughly

i mean theyre basically links and then payment supports and, i dunno they seem harder to do than to explain

its like the android studio thingy is also confusing and has alot of tiny details to consider so that it just WORKS…

but i guess details vary to situation huh?

The android studio thing uses the Google play API that is only available on some Android devices (some because Trump banned Huawei), and it isn’t secure at all if you don’t use a server to verify transactions

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i seee. i still dont really get it but they seem to simplofy alot for me

thanks alot!