Loading video cinematic


I’d like to play a video (animation with sound) on full screen during the level. It should be called by collision with object,
then playing video - with own sound, so the music of level should stop, and when animation is over, we should back to the same place in the level.

So I thought to make a new level just for animation and I can move to it by collision object. But even inside the new scene
I don’t know how to play a video. I’ve tried to use “Open a URL or a file” but it does’t work or I just don’t know how to use it.
And the other question is how to get back automaticly after te animation is over, to the point in main level?

Please, I hope somebody can help me :neutral_face:

Bouh is working on a video object: https://trello.com/c/PhqtFT1v/246-add-video-object :slight_smile:
Not sure how much time it can take, but it’s on the way :wink:

Thanks! I hope it will be soon, couse I make game for my diploma, and I need to finish it to may/june :unamused:

If you need it now or the video object is not added at time you can change a sprite texture to use a video (using PIXI loader) through a JS event yourself, not hard but very technical, you can search about it in the PIXI docs and reading some GD source code in the GDJS/Runtime folder, your diploma may worth it :wink:

thanks, but to understand it, a basic coding knowledge is requried, right? btw do you know if this “Open URL or a file” can useful somehow? :slight_smile: I tried to load file by url but not works :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, that one seems to open a URL on a browser tab, or makes your browser to open a local file (sounds risky, probably doesn’t work anymore).

But give a chance to the video object, continue working in other things in the meantime, pretty sure it will be ready before may. Here’s the pull request in case you want to follow it: https://github.com/4ian/GDevelop/pull/934.
I’ll help you if the the deadline is close and there’s no video object around :slight_smile:

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