Local hotspot mobile game

How do I…

I don’t know how to start making a mobile game that works using a mobile phone hotspot and without an internet connection. To clarify, I will mention examples (Special Forces Group 2 - Bomb Squad - Mini Militia - Minecraft). What extensions do I need, and do I need them at all? Is there a video or article explaining the basic steps? .

What is the expected result

In the beginning, I need a join button and a create button. When the game starts and joins, players have the ability to shoot each other.

What is the actual result

I don’t know how to start or even the basic steps or extensions I need if I need them.


In order to make a game where two players are able to connect to the same game Realtime you will need to consider a server, animations synchronization and much more. If you want something simple, I would suggest P2P - peer to peer connection, which you can find more about it here Connect clients with P2P | THNK, this is not meant for massive multiplayer.

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