Local Version of HTML 5 Game

In other version of GD, you could export an HTML 5 and play it locally. Now, if I export to a folder on my computer, clicking on index.html opens up a plain black browser window. Is there anyway of exporting these files so that they can be previewed outside of GD and offline?

Just use the “native” platform instead of the “Web” platform and you will have an offline EXE game.

To modify your project platform, just open the extension window, right-click on “Native platform” and selection “Use it” and do the same for “Web platform” and selected “Don’t use it”.

I can play locally in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Try to use them.

In Google Chrome I get black screen and this error message in JavaScript Console but I don’t know why :confused: :

Failed to load resource file:///C:/...../bunny.png (I don't know what is this I don't use this image)
21 Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGLRenderingContext': the cross-origin image at file:///C:/..../image.png may not be loaded

Maybe Google Chrome block some scripts for security reasons, but I’m not sure, anyway try to use IE or Firefox, it should work.

Exactly, that’s why games can not be locally played with Google Chrome.