Some problem with showing translation: For OR and And conditions the text is in English, but in .po file they have Russian translation:
The po file:


And when I translate yes/no in flipping action, the flipping stops to work. When I leave them in English the flipping starts to work again.

.po fix

Tried to put/remove the space before ‘:’ but still the phrase is in English (in Win 7)

You need also to remove space after colon.

Also make sure that you always use poEdit. :slight_smile:
Changing the .po file is not sufficient: it is the .mo file that is used (=the “compiled” version of the .po file) and this file is only generated when you save the .po file using PoEdit.

Improved version of Russian translation. Fixed some mayor errors, still needs some work but can be used as it is for now. Will update it after new changes.
ru_RU.zip (314 KB)

  • Last update: 9-14-14
    And still some phrases are in English even if they’re already translated (‘Add forces, angles…’, ‘When all these conditions are true…’). Maybe I changed something in .po file when I used another program to look in it, but after that I used PoEdit and saved in it.

Now I have updated the Russian translation of GDevelop. :slight_smile:
You can to download it here: http://ubuntu-wine.ru/load/0-0-0-18-20

p/s GDevelop v3.6.80001 (Ubuntu_trusty_amd64)

Sorry, I don’t think we can take your changes into account.
In fact, the translation can now be edited online (so, it’s not recommended to edit it offline from the .po file). : crowdin.com/project/gdevelop

Так это мой перевод и есть! Похоже я единственный кто его переводит :slight_smile:

Ah too bad you worked on your translation while the new version switched to Crowdin to enable everyone to contribute! Maybe you could continue by helping on the link that Victor provided?

Thanks a lot anyway for your efforts! I’ll see if I can merge your translation with the russian one on Crowdin! :smiley:

Airvikar, I’ve been able to import your translation that are now uploaded on Crowdin.com: crowdin.com/project/gdevelop/ru

Thanks to you the Russian translation is almost 100% done! Thanks a lot again for your excellent job :smiley: The next version of GD will include this translation :slight_smile: