Is it possible to arrange the table localization program into other languages​​? After the transfer that he was in the next build of the program? So that everyone was able to connect to the table and translate into your language?

What do you mean, translating Game Develop or integrating a localization system for the games?

For Game Develop, it can be done using a nice software called poEdit, which can be downloaded here: poedit.net/

Open PoEdit, and then open the file called “GD.po” located into /locale/fr_FR
You will see the a list of strings with the english version on the left, and the translated version on the right. You can start translating some strings.
To make the translation available, go to the Game Develop installation directory, then in “locale” and make a directory called for example es_ES for the Spanish language (other languages code are available here: codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in … pa.C3.B1ol) next to the fr_FR and en_GB directory. Inside this directory, put the GD.po file that you’ve edited, like this : /locale/es_ES/GD.po.
Game Develop should be then able to display the new language in the options: Relaunch Game Develop, go to the options (File > Options) and choose the new language. Then start again Game Develop and it should displayed the translated string.

Thank you for detailed explanation of how to do it. But I have a problem. I translated several lines in Russian, created directory ru_Ru and GD.po file in it. Now I can choose Russian from the list of languages BUT GD still shows all messages (and translated ones) in English even after relaunching it several times. What can be the cause of it? :confused:

Did you save the Po file? There should be a “GD.mo” file next to “GD.po” file in your directory.
Are you sure that you translated the right strings? In poedit, make sure that the strings are not marked as “fuzzy” otherwise their translation are not shown.

OK, now it works. Thanks!

What was the problem? (So that future people that read this thread can solve their problem by themselves :slight_smile: )

I saved the translation using a button “Save” before and it didn’t create .mo file. When I saved through File menu the .mo file appeared.
I also looked in File-Preferences-Editor and saw that "Automatically compile .mo file on save is checked. Maybe it was unchecked when I used just the button “Save”?

PS: Found some typoes in the text:
“One or ore extensions are used by the project but are not installed for the platform used by the project :\n” ore=more
“Length of the password to create : 45 caracters” caracters=characters

translation from French into Russian :smiley:

Nice :slight_smile: (even if I don’t understand russian at all)

Great! Where to find it? Didn’t come with new GD for Windows.

link to the file (GameDevelopRU.7z) while closed:
translated: ~90%
approved: 10% :confused:

The link sends me to ubuntu-wine.ru/load/ where I can’t find the archive. :cry:
By screenshots I see that translation is very good :slight_smile: . Hope 4ian will include it into the installation package.

Sure!! I’ll include it in the next release!

Thanks a lot Airvikar, it’s an amazing work! :smiley: Could you send me your latest .PO file containing the translation?
I’ll add you in the contributor list in the “About…” window, in the help menu. Just let me know the name or nickname you want me to display and your website if you have one :slight_smile:

I noticed a problem with the French translation in last versions of GD. It’s 90% blank. Maybe there is a complete translation in French? (shall be, because the Russian translation was made from French one).

Most probably a problem with accented character that prevent the complete translation from being displayed. Because I maintain the french translation for each release and it is complete :slight_smile:

Changed the system locale in Windows 7 to French and was able to see GD with all messages in French. :slight_smile:

So, the problem wasn’t the translation, but the lack of the Unicode support in GD. (I hope GD will support it soon :slight_smile: )

Password for the archive GameDevelopRU.7z: ubuntu-wine.ru

Airvikar: Russian translation

The interface (not the game) are normaly compatible with Unicode as it uses wxWidgets stuff to manage characters.
But it seems that the french translation (with accent) is the locale is not set to French (I have the same problem on a Arch Linux on which I didn’t set the locale).

Installed Russian translation, selected Russian language in GD and now I can type in Russian and the program shows Russian text correctly in my game! :mrgreen: Hurray! :laughing:

I think the russian character are shown correctly (in the Game) on your computer because your OS is configured to use your locale (standard ASCII characters + extra characters depending on the locale, in your case, Russian character). On an french computer, the russian characters will be shown as french special characters.