Locating file quickly/automatically

i havent encountered this problem before, i was trying to export something but then i cut the animated files away from the Gdevelop game file, when i brought it back to where it was earlier it doesn’t locate the file automatically. any way i can do this in a fast way?

i don’t have a lot of time so any type of help would be much appreciated, ty :slight_smile:

here are the other two pics

i have 3 different scenes aswell so its gonna take more than an hour to do it

In general your asset files should always remain in the same folder as your project file. Using other paths or subfolders is not supported or recommended.

You might be able to go to the resources screen and do the right-click “locate file path” and “Scan folder for X” options.

ty for the tip, really appreciate it!

i Have this problem constant, because I have a lot of folders, just delete the sprite and search again the Sprite. (Warning) every time you change the folder or change the sprite name, you have these problem, have this in mind

yeah i figured, that took a long time. So i moved all the sprites and tiles and basically all the files i used and put it in one big file with the game, it automatically found almost everything, there was just two soundeffects that stopped working. Have no clue why.