logic blocks

Please alternate event system with logic blocks like scratch or pharo or stencyl.
and give this blocks code editing capablity like stencyl haxe editor…
This is a big feature that can be a revolution in Gdevelop road map.

Why ? What can it bring to GDevelop ?

Isn’t both already integrated in GDevelop?
The Events work like the logic bricks in other engines like Stencyl and there is C++ coding available (although still experimental and with lack of documentation). You can access it in the events when adding an action and choose “Other” → “C++ code (experimental)”
Although I have to admin that I haven’t managed to get it to work.

In my opinion logic blocks is not latest technology in public science but for non programmers alternative solutions can improve their skills and perception in computer science. A game is not only a game or at least is better to have a philosophy and a think behind. Tools must become “Queen mind” then we will reach that philosophy easily.
My religious master told: Power is not that reject people speech but power (art) is understand peoples’ talks and thoughts.
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Nice philosophy, but you don’t answer any question, what the “logic blocks” could bring to GD that it doesn’t have yet? Are they (logic blocks) better or different in some way than the current event system? I’m sorry if I sound rude, just trying to get answers and understand your point of view :slight_smile:
In my opinion, the logic blocks used in the old Stencyl I tried a long time ago and the ones used in Scratch are too “heavy” in therms of screen space, too bigs and ugly in some way… GD events are nice lines of logic, very easy to put a lot of info in a small space, and lets you to have very complex “architectures”, as any kind of sub-event level. It helps when your game “code” needs more than 30 actions :wink:

I’m happy because of your responsibility and being consistent.
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I told that alternative …alternative…alternative not main solution. Both logic blocks and event system will reach to complexity at one level, one maybe sooner or another may be later (as procedural and oo design and coding, too). Maybe it is better to have node blocks like blender game engine road map (that is not equivalent to UE4 blueprint)[Mohammad- pbuh - said: "He is the most knowledgeable people that add the knowledge of others to his knowledge.]. I like powerful event system provided that the design is intuitive and less cluttered and complex.
Finally it’s better to have a more relevant (or equivalent) coding capability to logic or event system. Both of us know that the future of programming is intuitive coding through NPL or DSL or any unknown tech. I hope whatever it is, can ease our thoughts to implementation and design. High technology must be hidden, but these days technologies remove our extreme creativity and engage us because of hasty economy.
I wait for your reply because of “Anyone who does not wait for an hour of humiliation to produce knowledge, forever remain in ignorance humiliation” [Mohammad - pbuh -]
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and I’m yearning to ask from one person who said: “Ask me before you lose me. Because I am more wise to the ways of heaven to the ways of the land” and one but him did not dare to say whatever you want to ask me…

The event system is in my view something that is easy to use, powerful and really intuitive. :slight_smile:
Most people are able to use it quickly, from beginners to advanced users. Even myself as a programmer, I find it to be good to create games.
I consider it to be far more usable than logic blocks that involves constantly dragging things. Sure it’s easy to get, but it’s hard to be productive with logic blocks, in my view.

For now I guess we can stick with the event system which is satisfying. Construct 2 for example is using almost the same thing and is praised for its simplicity and powerfulness. I guess it’s a strong evidence that this system is the best one.

Feel free to elaborate on why logic block would be useful, but again I think that the event system is more powerful and almost as intuitive, and you are far more efficient with it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t like gdevelop as much if it used dragging stuff all the time. I like the nice list it gives me. Logic bricks kinda get messy at some points in complicated games.