Logics are becoming complex! Is is a bad thing?

Now my game is at a point where its logics (events) are becoming way too complex, And also it is coming to compilation. Soon Insalla the game will be completed. Can Gdevelop handle complex events, like way too complex? I mean will it compile a fully functioning, IDK how to say it, a Lagless game? :confused: I hope it does!

We’ll see. Wich platform are you using ?

for windows game

Why is it “too” complex then ? You work on the game without making preview ? How does work the compiled executable ?

Sometimes preview can be laggy, but compiled executable will have much more performance. Also, the performance of the game depends of your hardware and how it’s used.

A tip good to know if your are working on a laptop, with “Nvidia Optimus” system (mainly on asus laptops) : The compiled exacutable will always run on the “device0” for GPU, wich means Intel integrated graphic ; to bypass this, it’s needed to force the nvidia GPU on the executable in nvidia panel.

And at last, on native platform, you can monitor the performance, and have a clear view on render times, and “ms consuming” events. Reduce/optimise the big “events” ; cleaning the algorythms can be really easy and effective sometimes.

Games running slowly written by amateur programmers often have lag where algorithms have been used that are not optimal or sometimes highly sub-optimal. Perhaps you can share some of your most called code and then you will see if people can speed that code up for you.

Yeah there is no real way to comment on this unless you show us examples. From my experience, it is way harder to kill performance with events than with asset loading in GDev. I think doing stuff like “for each object” with a lot of objects can cause problems most quickly.
Asset loading on the other hand cause huge performance problems for me. If you game uses a lot of images, like for frame based animations, or has a lot of sprite objects created and destroyed, then I found it’s best to just flag all those assets as “always loaded in memory”. That made all my performance problems go away. :smiley: