Login With Google Android

How do I do a Login with Google for Android using Firebase? Because I did the one on Gdevelop but it only works with the web version of the Game, when I do with the apj it doesn’t work.

This is not yet available.

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Thanks for the answer. :smiley: But we want to make it happen, so we will do our best to get there. We want our game with the Google Play Games.

As mentioned, the functionality is not available with the out of the box firebase events, and there is no Google Play Games integration at this time.

If you are wanting that type of integration you would need to build it put directly using JS Events.

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Thanks very much. We will do With JS Events then, but I am glad to know that is just not is possible at the moment, and not that we were doing something wrong. I Hope Gdevelop has it soon, but we will do our best for that.