Looking for a png split tool

Hi guys!

I would like to know if you know a free software that could do that:

  • I open a big png file
  • I draw myself delimitations (as i want, not only horizontal/vertical)
  • when I’m done, I export and the software give me as many small pngs, according to the delimitations I drawn

I think most of drawing apps, like Inkscape, allow me to cut an image as i want and save small images separately, but if it could export all the small pngs in a simple click, it would be great.

(to be more specific, I’d like to handdraw a big map, and then cut it to have one small png per place/room. Like tiles, but not necessarly geometric shape tiles. Then I could add them in the GD editor and build my full map, with one objet sprite per place/room of the map)

Hello, Bluzima!

I don’t know what OP you use, but when I used Windows I liked to edit images in Paintnet, but i switched to gnu/linux. There is an extension to Paintnet that does just that and before to cut you can see the preview of animation setting some configuration with the number of rows, collumns, offset etc. Here is the link to the forum of paintnet where there is a video showing how it works and the link for download on itchio: Sprite Animation Helper (v updated April 30, 2022) - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! - paint.net Forum

What I don’t know to tell you is if that extension still working with the new version of Paintnet. Maybe you need to download the fourth version.

I’ll take a look and see if it’s possible to do this using Krita.


I work with images in the way you’ve explained. I use Photoshop slices to divide my artwork into squares/rectangles. It exports the slices as pngs. I put those into one object in GDevelop, as separate animations, and then change the animation in the scene editor. I know Photoshop isn’t the cheapest option, but I thought I’d mention it.

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It could also be done using the free paint program GIMP, although there’s a slight change in your method.

  • Load your original png then save it as a new file name (I’ll call it “start image” here) because you are going to gradually delete parts of this image as you go along.
  • Draw your first delimitation on the start image using the select tool.
  • Then copy/paste the selection as a new layer.
  • Now delete that selected area from the start image so it’s easier to keep track of what’s been edited, and what to edit next. Remember you’re gradually deleting each piece of the start image, and placing those pieces into new layers as you copy/paste.
  • Now draw the next delimitation on that start image. And repeat the process again, copy/paste to new layer. Then delete the selected area from start image. And so on. Keep going until you’ve cut up the whole map to your liking.
    Once you’re finished you can Batch Export all of the layers using the BIMP (batch image manipulation) plugin for GIMP.
  • Alternatively you can do the same thing but copy/paste to New Image instead of New Layer. When you copy/paste to New Layer, the image size will be as large as the original map but it will only contain the copy/pasted image in the same relative location, and the rest of the image will be filled with blank or transparent space.
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I looked into krita and is possible to split your image and save. Here a print of the configuration:


Waw! thanks a lot guys! So many replies in no time!
I’ll try all these options, and will let you know

thanks a lot! :slight_smile: