Looking for bluetooth connection

Hallo whether it is possible to have in GD a bluetooth connection between 2 phones…
example: i wonna make game where the player collect points and send to server private server, got 100 point collect.
other player have the same game and have collect 110 points and its stored on server to. They meet in the park with their characters and compete with each other, because the internet connection may fail, I would like to use a bluetooth connection so that they can play at a given moment and then save the result to the server. I can not find anything about bluetooth in GD.

GD is totally out from the network topic, no multiplayer, internet nor bluethoot.

And even if multiplayer support is added (not now, but is something that everybody wants), bluethoot has never been asked, I wouldn’t expect that to be added :frowning:

Hi Lizard…it’s to bad…i made my first game and sending score with some others data to server and i know it will be usefull to have bluetooth connection in some game in GD that kinda option will be awesome…but…mayby some day

you can store globar scores with this
wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gd … ta_sending
I’ve imprelemted it but still don’t know how to retrieve :confused:

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Hah thx for replay…I created my own website with the entry to the database of the result of the game and reading it on the site. This link is not current because some queries in php are no longer used. if you wonna tested you can play in my site its free…this was my first project of platform game and i wonna make it with store data in server and it’s work 100%. This site is just for example but if you loggin in to game you can se the score in “Wyniki”…use logowanie and checkbox must be check…play and on pc send the score…then go to site use wyniki.Micro game www.fotekwiele.yum.pl klik on banner

Maybe it makes no sense, I did not do any research about this only got the idea if one person would act like a hotspot and other would connect to it with Wifi, wondering would it be possible to create local multiplayer this way :confused:

Now days you can just set any device to be a hotspot and allow other devices to connect to it and share the network.
Node.js can also run on Android, we could implement this:

So the idea is to create a local network between devices connecting to the same hotspot using WIFI and create a LAN party this way. Does it makes any sense? I don’t know but would be cool :laughing:

Maybe not with GD and Node.js actually, but it got me inspired for a project I am working on :sunglasses:

LAN party yes, it could work, but there can be no delay in the competition of 2 people on the phone. I have such visions. 2 people set up a server account and let’s say they play on everyone knows Mortal kombat in 2d. to gain points that increase energy, player level etc. have to be tracked on the google map by the game, or a small application which is connected with the game … they approach each other because the phone told them that there is a player nearby, they see each other, meet , they sit on the bench and start playing, one player is johny cage, the other is cyrax, nice :slight_smile: connect using bluetooth so there is no terrible delay in washing (fight) or wifi, after winning one sent data is on the server and assigning points to the other and if you receive the same number of points for the loser. if the game is on web, you need an app which sets up tracking on google maps and the game is fired on the net, and then you can send information on the server with the player’s results and statistics using php, but the fight must take place using bluetooth would be worth it. prices, etc., a handshake can be done with nfc. but the delay can not be done too much, so the connection’s connection is important … I’m not a programmer so I do not know exactly how to bite this but I see that the post and get method is available in GD and you can also communicate using php … maybe there is someone in forum willing to do a game together on the nice level in GD, a micro-team can be created to join. i’am still fighting with unity and AR but i thing users of GD can gathering people without AR and combination of pushing characters in to real world.Good game connect people…sorry for mistakes if i amke some.

The problem is that my game is for android so I don’t konw how to show a web page, I suppose I’ll have to get json or something and show it on screen??
Do you redirect to an external page not inside the game right?

Hi i send first in local folder then sent to server site this exported local folder…and that all web page open from index…exported game is with index from GD rest is mysql plus php code. if you don’t have php loggin and other stuff you just go in the site where you have you game and it’s just start play when you go in in your web.