Looking to make a Stacking game, s

Trying to make a game about stacking,

I have one box apon starting, then a new one when the first one hits the bottom, but i do not know how to make it keep going, any ideas,

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Good Thoughts
I also tried to make that but … it was pretty hard for me …

Well i had a way to fix this, but im not sure how good of an idea it was.

you can when Box hits the floor or another box, delete the box and then appear a new box there at that spot. but a different object, i got it set up, but not sure how happy I am about it.

Have you looked at using the Physics 2 behaviour on the boxes?

Otherwise, consider using a second object (a hitbox) attached to each box to determine a collision between 2 boxes (checking for box-box collision is fraught with problems, but checking for box-hitbox collisions is straight forward). Look at the platformer example to see how it’s done.

Also, be careful with statements like these :

because the boxes aren’t filtered with a condition, so the force will be applied to every box in the scene.

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Trying to figure out a better way of doing this for sure, and i can see why this is a problem as well.