Loop animation (noob question)

I’m sorry, I searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything. I started a new HTML project. I added a sprite and I want it to rotate forever, it’s for a background effect. I created 4 frames in the Animation Editor, but when I run the game, it plays only once and stops. I want it playing that forever without player input. I tried everything: while with variables, Always - Play animation, etc. Nothing works. NOTHING. :cry:

Edit: Yes, I checked the Loop feature in the Animation Editor and Automatic rotation.

Edit2: After several times, I realized that was some sort of bug. When I first tested the game hitting the Preview button, I got an error telling to run direct on the browser through “localhost:2828”. So I did. But saving a modification and running straight on a browser doesn’t show any modifications. I have to hit the preview button before running the localhost:2828 to update the game project. Anyway. Just a bug. If this topic helps anyone…

It isn’t a bug, it’s a feature :slight_smile:
Seriously, GD won’t update the preview files until you press the Preview button, when you hit it GD export the files again, then you have to (sometimes, hard) refresh your browser to see the changes.

What about the localhost:2828 error? Is there any way to fix this?

That error message that pops-up everytime you press the Preview button is annoying you?.. I don’t think there is a way to turn it off (If your default browser has been set) :frowning: