Lost save file, got temp files

Hey guys,

I started a new project today and put quiet a lot of hours into it. I hit ctrl s every now and then. At some point the program crashed and I just can’t seem to recover my files.
When I created the project the program was still set on German, I changed it to English after, I also renamed the project.
The sources I used are on a different drive than the program.
I don’t know if it’s because of the language change but there is no folder anywhere with the project. I tried the recently opened list and every project saved on my PC.
I found a folder in user/appdata/local/temp/GDTtemporaries/JSPreview
that contains all the . PNG’s I used for the desired project and a bunch of JavaScript’s.
Also some folders.
Is there any way I can recover the project with the temp folder?

Hope someone knows a way. Best greetings!

If you didn’t create a new folder for the project then maybe it’s in the default projects folder? (C:/Users/YourUserName/GDevelop projects/MyProjectX, where X is 1, 2, 3, etc.).

What you have found in the JSPreview folder is the almost compiled game, you can get the resources from there (images, sounds, fonts) but not the GD project sources… unless you apply some reverse engineering and have free time :wink:

I was hoping to find it there, but there is just a very early version of my project.

I’ve got free time but that’s it. :smiley: Is there by any chance a noob guide or something along the line that would guide trough the reverse engineering?

I only care for the codes I’ve written.
Anyway, thanks for your answer!!

Sorry to hear that, my recommendation is not only to save often, but make backups (my_project_0.gdg, my_project_1.gdg, etc.) :frowning:

All I can say is that your code is compiled into the file “code0.js” (code1.js, code2.js, etc. if you have more scenes), you’ll find a non-friendly code, full of cached conditions variables (Scene.condition0IsTrue_0 = true) that you have to track down to know which condition they are referring to, and of course the actions are converted into the JS equivalent, something like:

Do + 2 to variable MyVariable

Is compiled into:

runtimeScene.getVariables().get("MyVariable").setNumber(gdjs.evtTools.common.getVariableNumber(runtimeScene.getVariables().get("MyVariable")) + 2);

Something anybody could know just opening the file, HTML5 things :wink:

I CAN’T and WON’t make a tutorial, I guess nobody will be happy to know there is a tutorial out there to reverse engineering their projects into the sources :smiling_imp: