Macbook Pro's Touch Bar support

Is it possible to add touch bar support on GDevelop now that Electron supports it?

Having touch bar support available on GDevelop would make devs add some interesting gameplay mechanics to their games. As construct, gamemaker and clickteam fusion don’t support it for its games, I think it’d be a good feature for GDevelop :slight_smile:

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Super cool this touch bar :o
Unfortunately I think that the number of GD5 users on Macbook Pros is very limited, which makes it unlikely that current developers will integrate this touch bar.
But all is not lost! Since a few days users can create extensions in GD5 for their games, this new feature can be useful to support the touch bar, you will need JS code but it is possible!


Oh! This is cool, didn’t know we could create extensions in gd 5 :open_mouth: . Thanks for the info, gonna have a look at what I can do to help.

And yep, it’s very limited and very expensive to have one. However it’s always good to add new things into our engine :slight_smile:

Ohh woow, today I came to know about it.

Yeah :smiley: The bad part is that it’s an expensive laptop (Apple being apple) :frowning:

Macbook Touch Bar? Nah… Lenovo got bigger :rofl:

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