Made virtual joysticks! Need Help!

I made 2 joysticks for my game that support like jump and jump-sideways too unlike the crap joysticks example . The joysticks are dragged with draggable object behaviour ! But when i drag 1 joystick i cannot drag the other one! I have set the jsk (joystick) to return to original position if they are … distance away from original position .
I drag 1 jsk then everything works but if i click on another position(for eg :on another joystick)(say x) while the 1st jsk is still being dragged then the 1st jsk teleports to the ‘x’ which is far from origin of 1st jsk and so returns to its origin . the 1st joystick cannot be used if i try to use another joystick and vice versa!
I need help !
I will provide the events and file if needed! But please help!
Dont just say use multitouch without reading this and also tell how to do it !
"And direct help in events is more appreciated than short replies stating look the example or link to the wiki!"

The multitouch example is made for that, so open it, play with it, understand it, and use it.

Please read what the question was! And what i requested!