Magic Kitty: Escape from Meow Keep

Hey G Develop community, I downloaded Gdevelop less than a month ago and this is the result. I’d appreciate any feedback for future work. :slight_smile:

Name: Magic Kitty: Escape from Meow Keep
Genre: Platformer / Metroidvania , Retro Style
Platform: Native (PC)
Controls: Arrow keys, Space bar, Mouse for using magic.
Download/Info Link:
Magic Kitty Website / Download

I like the concept and the level design.

Few problems, I’ve noticed glitches with the animation of the cat when jumping and if I’m on the top I can super jump out of the level :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I would also add wall jump and able to grab the ledge of the platforms and design the levels with these features in mind, also add little puzzle games to solve in order to get from one point to an other.

Thank you ddabrahim for taking the time to play and write your comments. I didn’t even think about the possibility of super-jumping through ceilings that are too close, whoops! :astonished: I’ll also work on other movement mechanics and more puzzle-type gameplay in the future. :smiley:

I love the pixel art style, and the map is really well structured and the animations are very nice.

How long did you manage to structure everything?

However, I have reached the second level and you can see that you can do it.

Thank you LucaTexas, This is roughly the ammount of time that went into it:
Downloaded Gdevelop, spent about 1 week (7-8 days) learning how to use the IDE and made an early concept of the game with placeholder artwork.
Spent about 2-3 days on myself and one other person drawing the artwork for the game.
Spent about another week (6-7 daya) re-creating the game from a blank project, adding in about 80 events and designing the 18 levels.
Learning Gdevelop: 7-8 days
Artwork: 2-3 days
Level design/completion: 6-7 days
Total project time: 15-18 days