Make a Camera in game like Street Fighter

This is the first topic that I open, I apologize for any kind of error.
I have a problem with creating with GDevelop5 a Camera that is similar to that of Street Fighter, so that it always keeps the 2 players on the screen etc…
Every kind of help is precious, Thanks to anyone who will answer

you could use this extension:

@Drona thx for the answer, unfortunately I have already tried, but maybe I used it in the wrong way, I attach a screen.

And also the only elements in the scene are: the 2 players, that I inserted in the group of objects “Players”, a tiling background and a ground with the platform proprieties.

You need to call the Move Camera method every frame, not just at the beginning of scene; i.e. make it an event without a condition :

Oh sht you’re right, now i try. Thanks for the help <3

Thanks to your help I get a really nice result, but now I have another problem, if both players go the other side you see the limits of the playing field and the background of the scene, how can I solve? With Enforce Camera boundaries?

Reduce the margins. It’s a value creates a buffer between the edge of the camera and the player.