Make a chain/rope in gdevelop

I like to make a rope/chain out of balls as show in this video:

I added physic 2d to the body of the two different color balls i want to use as the link of the chain. What else should i set? I copy everything i can see in the video to my project:

and here a closer look at my event code:

I’m a beginner with just video knowledge of what i can remember which isn’t much

trying to create a simple game for my first project with a object hanging from a rope/chain.

Here top of code event sheet:

Wow, the code flashed in this video is quite similar to my linked chain demo (that I made based on a Godot example). I made my example after @tristanrhodes’s video, but never came across it in my searches. I find it reassuring that the implementations appear very similar - a good indication that it’s along the right lines.

Anyway, @lv2lrn4lf, you can downlaod the source from that link and have a play with that. It doesn’t use distance joints, but that’s an simple switch to make. You’ll also need to check the Physics settings on the chain objects.

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