Make a change on multiple scenes

So I have many scenes in my project, and by many I mean over 600
Is there a way to make the same change on them without going 1 by 1?

Hello, NinetyRalph,
Interesting your question! What kind of change are you looking to make?

Thanks for replying,
I’m making an app for my church to read the hymns we sing, the way I added them was by making scenes for each one called by its number, so 1,2,3,etc… to add I duplicated the last one, this way I could make a search bar easily just by changing the scene to the number on an input.

The problem is that I also added a small ad banner at the bottom which when it loads I wasn’t expecting it to resize the game and break its scaling adding a margin at the right side, now I need a solution to center the text when this happens, this doesn’t seem to hard, by moving the camera, but of course it’s painful, I added to many scenes, it’s 652 I got to fix, the alternative would be to remove ads whatsoever


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Sounds like external events would be handy here, but it’ll require you to update every scene, so defeats the purpose in this case.

If you save the game as one json file, then you could look at the game.json, make the change to one scene, see how that changed the game.json and apply that change either with a “Find and replace” or by using a macro (Notepad++ has this feature).

If you do try this, make a copy of the game.json first. If it gets screwed up, then you have the backup to restore from.