Make a countdown timer in minutes?

I am aware the countdown timer thingy is in seconds. How do I make a countdown timer of 5 minutes?


I would say that one minute is roughly sixty seconds.

Sorry my wording might be confusing.
I understand that 1 min = 60 s
therefore 5 min * 60s = 300s

but i only know in gdevelope that countsdown in seconds.
example :

so if i use this route, it will countdown from 300,299,298…
Im asking how to make a timer from 5:00, 4:59, 4:58, 4:57

Perhaps if you want to convert the timer text you may use an extension called time formatting. You may also take a look at this reply for more information regarding this situation.

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At first the timer didnt budge at all, then I checked, I had a spelling error! This really shows you need to be very alert with your spellinggg thank youuu i hope you have a blessed 2024

Sokayy I found anotherr alternativee, thank you for helpinggg <3 and comentingg hehe

oh also, is there a limit for the timer? I tried 11 mins (-660s) it seems to start at 2 minutes is there a math equation I should be aware of :astonished:

If you put here 2 it should display 12
But then if you have 9 mins it will display 09

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Owhhh got itt ! Thank youuu