Make a functional calendar system [Solved]

I am trying to have the game advance the days of the week, month, and year accodingly, for exmaple, every day at 12 am it advaces the weekday by one (Monday → tusday → wednessday etc.) and incress the month day by one, going to the next month if needed (Nov → Dec etc.), and on the last day of the year going to the next year (2000 → 2001 etc.), the time in game is advaced by 10 min every action (There are no actions yet), but sleeping can skip muiltple hours, and you can sleep whenever you want (When I make sleeping a thing).

I can’t get it going, it’s stuck on “Monday” (It’s actually called Almu in game, but still)

This is what I have

I have tripled cheecked the variables, I would show proof, but I can only embed one thing.

I am kinda new to programing, I only know python, and I am not that good with it, so if this needs coding, please explain in detail, thank you.

The 2 events have pretty much identical conditions - the only difference is that the first needs Almu to be true, the second needs Dalipit to be true.

All the conditions are true in the first event, it sets Almu to false and Dalipit to true. This straight away means the second event’s conditions are all true, and the sets Almu back to true.

So you’ve effectively got two events that will both kick off if the first one is actioned.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with these two events. Maybe if you explain what you are trying to do with the two events, and describe what the purposes of the variables are, then we may be able to assist.

I am trying to get the variable for the day of the week to change, The Day variable is how it knows that it is midnight and not noon, the Timeh variable is the hour, I have a separate one for the min that I didn’t include in the test events because I felt like it would complicate everything, and The Almu and Dalipit variables are the days of the week (There are more days, I just am testing with those two), I am gonna use them to display the correct day in the ui, and to tigger things that need to happen on certain days.

I figured it out, I added a time change var, and if it’s true the day changes, it gets set to false between 1am and 11 pm, or after the time changes, gets set to true at 12 am.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck on “Monday” for now, coding can be tricky sometimes, but you’ll figure it out. While I was browsing online, I stumbled upon some awesome September calendar templates that could be helpful for your project.