Make a game with different types of levels, where should I start?

As part of my final university project I am planning on creating a game that could be used at a science fair, I want to use GDevelop as it looks good and seems easier to use than some other apps. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience and wanted to ask some advice on the best way to achieve my vision!

My first level would be a simple platform game to collect equipment that would be needed for a lab experiment.
The second level would be at a lab bench and you just add the equipment you’ve collected in the last round together and make a treatment.
The next stage again would I think be a platform game where the player carries the appropriate treatments to the right patient.
Finally there would be a stage almost like a jigsaw puzzle that you would drag things in to complete a stucture.

Do these ideas sound achievable, is it possible to have the different formats as one game?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I complete it, I think they could be quite easy to do but as I said I don’t have any experience so it would be great if someone could suggest a starting point.

I hope that this makes sense, I would really appreciate any advice even just an idea of what kind of things to search as I am still not sure on the appropriate language.

Thanks in advance! :smile:

I found it pretty good for just an idea. I would like to see it complete.

If I could give you an advice. That could be making some concept art. Like how do you want the levels to be, the items, the design of the characters, the mechanics…

The basic tutorials that are in the wiki can help you collect items, move your character, drop items and make events like “Give you something, do something”.

I think is possible.

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There are events for changing scenes, too.
That way you can make the levels.

Thank you! Those are some good things to consider. I’llpost an update when I have a better idea!

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You may want to see some references of lab benches or hospital rooms to have a better idea of what to add on your levels.

I will be looking forward to see more of your posts! Good luck!

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All the level ideas you describe are doable and you can put them in one game. As Sweet wrote it is a good idea to have a concept for each level.

The things you probably need are covered by examples and tutorials.

For the platformer level you could check out the platformer example: GDevelop 5 and the inventory example GDevelop 5

For the second and third level maybe this dressing game tutorial could help you (some of the mechanics you will use might be similar): How to make a DRAG AND DROP DRESS UP GAME from SCRATCH in GDEVELOP 5 - YouTube

And for the third level this puzzle tutorial might be interesting: GDevelop 5 Puzzle 2 Mas puzzle que nunca - YouTube (it is not a jigsaw puzzle though and the tutorial is in Spanish but the example project is at github and could probaly be useful).


Thanks so much! These suggestions are exactly what I was looking for. :smile:

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This is the background I’d like to have in my first level, I’ve tried to change it to this (just in the example platform game) but it’s a too big and I don’t know how to change it. I’ve changed the dimensions of the picture to match the example background but it’s still not helped! Any ideas?

This is what it looks like in the game.


You can adjust the size through the Properties. You get there by left-clicking on the object in the editor (in your case your background).

Hi @Drona,

I can click on everything else in the scene but for some reason it doesn’t work on my background! Not sure why that is.

I’ve also tried changing the default height/width from the objects list on the right but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Thank you though, I apprecaite it! :smile:

Did you tried the object “Custom size” option?

Another thing you could do is to change the image size, from a photo editor to the size you want it to be to fit on the screen.

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If just clicking in the editor does not work, you can also open the "list of instances” with a button in the upper right corner Capture
If you click that a list with all the objects in your scene is shown. After left-clicking a listed object, e.g. your background, the Properties-window should open, which allows you to set - as @Sweet has mentioned - a custom size for your background.

You could also follow the other suggestion of Sweet and set the desired size of your background outside of Gdevelop.

This is something I tried, just to see if your problem repeats on my editor. Don’t worry, I won’t steal it.

I managed to adjust it in a way.

Thank you both so much! @Sweet @Drona, I’ve managed to do it.

I really appreciate your help you guys.