Make a Magazine for Fire Bullet Extension

I know this maybe can sound strange because we already have the action “Shots per reload” but this Action is even good when you want to do something like a burst Rifle where if you set the Shots on 3 and you in this way have a brand new type of weapon, but if you do this you dont have a “Magazine Action” where you can set how many shots should be fired before reload. Or instead of magazine without change the Shots per reload at all we can make an action called “Type of Firerate” where you can choose the type of fire of your weapon between “Auto, Burst and Single” in this way we can make even the player change the Fire Select without change the main action who is shots per reload.

Hope this will be good :blush:

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I say anything that would make things easier for users should be at last considered if not straight up added

But what you describe can be done perfectly fine by events

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in fact I’m trying to create it in events, but you will agree with me that having a function in just one event rather than ten is absolutely efficient for a series of obvious reasons

I literally admitted that in my previous message

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yes, it was just to add more topics