Make a new image point?

I have no idea to do this, the button is there, but it is grayed out. Seems like it should be simple, but I must be in a wrong mode or something?

the point of origin?
1 click on position a point, the button number 4 at up of image
2 right key mouse on point and select position precisely
3 give coordinate

If you want create more points, different than “Centre” and “Origin” you should:
1- In the Object’s Editor window (at the right) select the object that you want add a point.
2- Double click on you object in that window (or right click ==> change the object properties).
3- Select the animation (in the top of Edit the Object window).
4- Select “position of a point button” and select the Origin point.
5- Select “add a point button” and set the position.

If you don’t undertand it, say me and I’ll make it again with images.