Make a stationary hazard?

I’m making an educational science game and I want to include hazards e.g. wet floor signs, that make you go back to the start.

So far I’ve adapted from the example platform game and copied a slime, I’ve deleted the move left, move right arrows next to each icon which has made a difference, but they still move slightly as the character moves. Is there any way to stop this or can anyone advise me what I need to change in the properties for a stationary icon to become a hazard?


I think the platformer examples puts all the enemies into a group called “enemies” and there is some event logic that applies to all enemies in that group.
So I’m guessing if you just changed the slime object it’s still a part of the “enemies” group, and that logic is still in your event code.
So just remove your object from the enemies group.

This is sort of an educated guess on my part… so just a hunch.


The slime, at the beginning, has an event that moves it, the arrows are just to change if they are moving left or right. Try to find it and delete it.

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OK great, thank you both! I’ll have a go :smile: