Make an object orbit another, but it orbits toward the mouse

So I want an object to orbit another in a perfect circle, but it always orbits toward the mouses position.
How would I go about doing this? I was thinking of using “Put object around another” but that simply keeps it in one place.

Sth like this may work:

This makes it simply orbit the other object but I have no control over it. I wish the object that around the other to be towards the mouse. If it is pointed toward the mouse in the orbit it will stop. Not rotated toward the mouse. Just wish to control the orbit with my mouse.


In put around position change position to mousex() and mouse y()

Is it possible to change the speed instead of it being instant?

the easiest solution would be to use an invisible object, that you rotate towards the mouse position and give it a point at desired distance, where you put the object around.

change point of object for distance manipulation, and speed is easily adjustable with rotate towards

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