Make another Sprite follow playable character

I have a sprite that I’m freeing from a prison that I want to follow me to freedom. How do I do that once in collision with that sprite

Hi, you could check this thread Make friendly characters follow player (like in top-down RPGs) for some suggestions.

Imho the easiest way to have a sprite follow exactly the way of the player is to use the “Animate shadow clone” extension. The only downside is that it does not seem to work with several different sprites (e.g. several NPCs).

Not sure how to do that. Is that in behaviors

It’s an extension that you have to install to your project. For that you need to go to the Project manager (the single left icon in the editor), there you go to “Functions/Behaviors” and click “Create or search for new extensions”.

Btw VictrisGames the creator of the extension also has his examples on itch, so you can see what this particular extension does Extension: Shadow Clones by Victris Games