Make boids (from Boids Extension) follow a path

Boids are wonderful simulations and they are possible in GDev using a community extension. But my problem arrives once you try to use it with pathfinding, It doesn’t work the forces are interfering with each other… My thought process would be to “Borrow” the extension’s code and make it compatible with the official pathfinding. This would be quick and easy, wouldn’t it?

Some simple movement behaviors like Ellipse movement or Rectangle movement can be used together because they simply adds up.

For complex movement behaviors, some some logic is needed to make them work together. A naive solution would be to make an object move with the pathfinding and make the Boids follow it with an “intent”. This may work in few cases, but it wont ensure that Boids don’t cross obstacles.

There are a lot of complicated algorithms for Crowd simulation. It’s not as simple as putting 2 behaviors together.

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that’s a good idea thx