Make eyes or background objects follow player?

Hi all,

  1. I want to have a moon with a face in my scene.
  2. I want the eye pupils of the moon to follow the player without leaving its eyeballs.

Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this effect?


Hi! Have you tried with this, using the player coordinates as target?


Just make the eyeballs as new objects over the face, and remember to define the origin of the eyeballs at the center, or they will rotate around one corner.

Thanks for the response you legends! I managed to get it working with @L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a link with a much-simplified version of the original code (as I didn’t need as many features).

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Spoke too soon…It works in isolation (ie. when it’s the only thing on the scene) but I cannot for the life of me work out why it doesn’t work in context with my game scene. Now there are all sorts of weird things happening hahaha 2 steps forward - 8 steps back!

I’m an idiot.

I missed the INSTANCE Variable info on my new eyeballs…

Getting my head around the difference between OBJECT & INSTANCE variables…Took me 20 minutes to find where the bloody instance variables even were. Noob.