Make "left mouse button" the default option for condition Mouse button pressed/released or touch held

In short of it if, you add condition “Mouse button or touch held”
1st thing you see in button to check is Choose an option.

I say it is useless and ask for it to be removed.
Where default option will be left mouse button (which is just next on the list and most used anyway)

Idea is no one will leave it with choose an option.
So what’s the point of even having it?
If someone want to have anything other than LMB then will change button anyway.
And since LMB is most used in this condition, it would make sense to have it there selected by default.

Someone could argue that we have choose an option so ppl see other options that are available.
And that is fair point.
But at the same time that is 1 time use.
After someone know other options, said person will know making choose an option useless.
And really i believe if ppl see that there is box with drop down list it will be very rare someone will not figure out there are other buttons to select.

So again i say choose an option is useless and should be removed.
QoL improvement

Hi, I disagree. You are an experienced user and have a specific workflow but there are people out there who try game making/Gdevelop for the first time. Others may have problems to remember things.

The “choose an option” prompt makes it clear to anyone that they can make a choice - no confusion, no open questions. New users or people who use the engine occasionally may be confused if there is already an option chosen (I can already imagine frequently upcoming topics in the forum how to select another mouse button).
Maybe a lot of users wouldn’t mind as LMB is, as you mentioned, probably the most chosen option, but it does not make things clearer in my opinion. Even though that might be annoying to some experienced users, I would leave it as it is, after all we talk about two short clicks.

We talk here about QoL it is not a big deal anyway
And since your statement is valid then simply make it like most other choices
Like many actions ask us to input some number stating that default is something

So how about we keep “Choose an option” with added text and functionality that by default “left mouse button is selected”
And we have best from both worlds
And no one is discriminated either experienced or beginner

Thank you for your messages.
These kind of conclusions are more defined by user testing than by opinions, BUT here are some things that could help “predict” a certain outcome:

I’ve checked, and the component (the UI element used for the interaction) is a dropdown.
Since most people are familiar with dropdowns (they’re on every online form), we can predict that most of the users will know that to change the “choose an option” value they’ll have to click and select a pre-stablished value from the list. So, from the component side I think we could say that a dropdown is a safe bet.

As for the value: I just checked and didn’t change the “choose an option” value and clicked “accept”.
The system gave me an error:

Thankfully, I can quickly fix that error: by clicking the red text I am confronted to the same dropdown component to choose an option.

So, I would say that it is not a “serious” UX issue because the error: 1. Can be fixed quickly and 2. It’s clear about how to fix it (if a user for some reason didn’t see the dropdown on the first screen).

However, I see why the petition to add a “default value” could be pre-filled: it could reduce that “red text” error possibility. Even if the hypothesis is “the component would be a problem for a beginner” I think that the real question would be for advanced users “how inefficient is this extra click for advanced users who want to move faster than a beginner?” (efficiency is measured by time and number of errors that a user makes while interacting with that component). But for that, we need a big quantity of app usage data to get an average (maybe some people are using right clicks for their GUIs) and indeed, see if that tiny component makes advanced users lose their precious time.

Until we get that conclusion about wether to add or not a default value, I’m creating a issue so the text “Choose an option” on the modal is the same as the “Choose a mouse button” on the Events sheet for consistency. :slight_smile:

I’ll follow this issue to see what other users say about their mouse clicking buttons (if you’re reading this, let us know if you considered yourself a beginner, mid or advanced user).

For sure i do not consider myself as a beginner
And i seen that “Choose an option” enough times to see it as useless waste of time
Yet i will never advocate for change if beginners gonna suffer from it
Since not beginner users can and will find their way around
And beginners are still looking for that way and should not be penalized by not beginner users preferences

Again i say this is only QoL improvement and not a big deal
I only think that if we can save that 1 click and we have default values in other places then same thing could be done here
If my idea penalize beginners in anyway possible i say it was bad idea and should be ignored

But since IF someone needs to choose some other option from drop down list and there would be “Choose an option (default left mouse button selected)”
I think we should ask ppl how intuitive it would be for beginners to understand from that that they can change from LMB to other mouse buttons

No one will suffer from just 1 additional click
But if it is not absolutely necessary for everyone to get best of said condition
Then why to have it there to begin with?

Some people may and will not find the left click as their primary mouse button, for it to be fair for most users, a setting for “primary mouse button” would be fair. And another thing if you need to use another mouse button, a little box thing that whatever mouse button you press it makes that the button

Yeah but in most cases it is LMB
It is not about forcing ppl to ONLY sit with LMB selected
But to set something as default option
Same as for sound default volume is 100% if nothing is specified
And in same fashion not for everyone 100% is what they want
They will change it
But again idea is to have something as default with message that you can change it to something else
Not as hardcoded option without possibility to change