Make my character jump properly?

Ok so I want my character to be able to jump relatively high, but when the spacebar is released he falls down immediately. For example when I tap the spacebar he does a little hop and when I hold it down he jumps hgih (without making it too floaty). I’ve been fooling around with the Platform Character behavior for a while now but I can’t seem to make it work. Mario’s jump is a good example of what I’m trying to achieve here.

A little hop points to possibly a double jump. What do your scene events look like - give us a screen shot of it, as well as your player’s platformer behaviour settings.

It’s just the default settings for now, and no I dont want my character to double jump.

you can work with instant forces. disable default controls.
dont use the simulate jump key press.
that way your char starts falling immediately on releasing the key.
if you dont want to “glide” back to the ground while holding your jump key you can use a variable as force, and reduce that variable with TimeDelta().

something like this

be aware, if you use this approach some standard conditionchecks for platform behavior does not work anymore, like the conditioncheck “is jumping”.
but you can make variables to do your own jumpstates.
that could look like this.

this way you can avoid things like stutterjump (pressing the jumpbotton fast many times while jumping).

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Ok well now when I release the W key while my character is in mid air he falls down way too fast… Can’t seem to get the balance right

i had the default gravity of 1300 for the playerhitbox, and the jumpforce of 1000.
felt pretty good. the lower the gravity, the slower the fall.
experiment with jumpforce and gravity. 1000 force is like half a screen jump, 1500 force is close to the top max jump.

E: you can also cap the max falling speed.

Nope… Still not it. Could you check out some clips of this game called “The End is Nigh”? Here’s a link The End is Nigh gameplay! - YouTube I want my character to control like the blob in that game

i gave you the tools to play with.
gravity, jumpforce and falling speed. experiment with it.
if you have to you could dynamically change some values on the fly, using variables.

i will not fine tune the game for you.


Ok fair enough thanks