Make object hover over player

Hi guys, can anybody tell me how to set/create so that an object follow my player.

you see on that tutorial video, the blue orb follow the player and hovering up/down/left/right(not just snap to a certain position).

any help appreciated

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It could be something like a point on the player sprite for the blue orb to aim for, the sine extension to bob it around a bit and possibly a lerp action to move it close to that point in a smooth manner.

I think the narrator is @HelperWesley. Message him and he may be able to provide info on how it actually was done.

Here are the events for the object, there is probably a better way to do it, but this is what I did in the game I made here.

I added a point on the player object, and applied a force to the follower object base on the distance between the two.


Oh wow, thank you so much.

I will try it to put it on mine.

Cheers mate, your video really motivate me a lot.

@MrMen thanks mate, your explanation is on point. cheers everyone.