Make object rain![solved]

I have image of ice and i want to make ice rain (Ice to fall, not snow fall, ice crystal fall, like hailing). so I know have to create it in a different layer so it always stay in the screen. but how i am gonna make it rain so that it doesn’t form one by one, rather it should hail like it does.

So, after experimenting with event myself I was able to create the hailing effect myself. So no need to answer this thread. But instead closing this thread I though to share events I have created. You can see list of events I have create for hailing effects in the attachment.

There was a tutorial on the wiki about this using 1 single image, random position/force/scale, but i can’t find it… Maybe you’ll have more luck than me, and maybe the way it’s done will help you for the final render (the tutorial had really nice render).