Make one time scenes

like make it so after a name write scene has been displayed and the name written and stored on a variable the scene wont boot up when i open the game again, any ideas how

thanks in advance

I don’t quite understand what is required. If you want the values of variables to change only once when you first open the scene, then you should create a variable (global or scenes) in which you will remember (and save in Storage) whether the scene was opened or not (or how many times it was opened) …


I think they mean logic that crosses between separate runs of the game. The first way I think of to store data between runs of the game, is using the storage system:
The first time the game opens, check if a variable has been created in storage yet. If not, send the player to the enter name scene and save the name they enter into storage.
Next time they open the game, storage is checked again and this time the variable will be there. In that case, send the player to another scene, skipping the name entry.
Check the link to learn how to use the storage system.