Make other layers act the same as the base layer?

Is it possible to place my flooring and walls on two different layers for my top-down game but have them still act as if they are al on the base layer? Because the default for the layers creates a parallax effect with the layer cams.

And if it is indeed possible to do so, how will one go about doing so?

Add another layer and make the camera on that layer the same as the base layer so everything you place on the new layer is going to act as if in the base layer.

okay, but what do you mean by “the same”?
How exactly does the base layer act?

I mean the camera movement is going to be the same on both layers.
If you add a camera follow on the new layer is going to move equal to base layer.
Then all the objects you put in the new layer are going to move in kind.

Look the scenario on one of my games:
FarBackgroundLayer → Parallax → 0.15
BackgoundLayer → Parallax → 0.25
BackgroundPlatformsLayer → No parallax same camera as base layer
BaseLayer → No parallax
ForegroundPlatforms → No parallax → is for the jumpthru platforms
ForegroundLayer → Parallax ->0.3
Hud → No Parallax → as is an external Layout

Make your parallax effect in an external layout and load it on each scene.

Sorry for the late comment but how can I do that? Could you please explain or show me with screenshots?