Make particles slowly lose force

I’d like to make a particle effect where the particles will slowly lose force after they are spawned in the scene, but it seems like the event to change minimal and maximal force doesn’t apply to the particles already in the scene, so is there any way to make the particles in scene lose their force?

The particles are an object or part of another object?
In events you can put “stop all forces” this is in behaviour Physics 2.0

Yes, those will be the force at which the particles are emitted. There aren’t any functions to access the individual particles via standard events. But I haven’t tried it via JavaScript event, and maybe you could explore that area?

Particles are from a particle system. Physics behaviour won’t affect them as the particles do not interact with the environment/scene objects.

Oh well, never tried javascript before, but finding out how to do it would probably be a very helpful tool