Make Physics Engine ignore Sprite Size?

It looks like the velocity of a sprite is influenced by its size in the physics engine. Can we turn that off and only use the settings in the behavior tab (density, gravity scale, etc)? The problem is, I have similar enemy objects but with different animations and sizes. Right now, their sizes affect how fast they move and I have to set each enemies physics settings completely different, making further balancing much harder.

Ignoring the mass defeats the purpose a little.

I’m assuming an object’s mass is calculated by the physics hitbox. I don’t think animations or the other collision box matter. It’s the overall size. I guess you could make the physics hitboxes the same size but that would affect the collisions.

You might be able to create a formula that would automatically calculate the settings. Don’t ask me how though.


I never thought about a formula, that’s interesting, thanks.

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