Make player go faster

I have a text variable of score.
I want to make the platform go faster when the player reaching a score of 100.
How can I make it happen?

That depends on how you are moving your platform. Is it by moving it a set number of pixels, by using a force, allowing gravity to move it or some other way?

But generally you’d have a variable, initially set to 1, that is used to multiply the changing force or distance. Then increase the variable to increase the force or distance of each update.

If your player is a platformerjust increase the Speed of the Object

I’ve attached a screenshot

I’ve attached a screenshot

“The global variable score >=100” then change your action whatever you are using to move your player to increase speed.
You screenshot doesn’t help much. It doesn’t show how you are moving your player.

Are you using a behaviour to control movement?

It will work only for 100 but what if I want the speed to increase in 200 and 300 and 400 like in every level.
How can I do that?

Player is platformer.

I will try that thanks.

My bad! Sorry!
use this way:

Thanks ill try that.