Make the character fall slower and push blocks

Hello! I am pretty new to this engine and am trying to make a platformer.
I want the character to fall slower when i trigger a button. (i find a post already but 7 years old)
the other thing i need is to make the player push blocks.

Can you help me for these two things please ?
i want the most simpliest road and stay away from lags


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To make the player fall slower reduce the gravity of the behavior using the dedicated action. To push block just use “if block collides with player, push block away from player”


Thanks for the help.
I tried your advice only on the “push blocks” part.
I have two problems with that solution.
I want to push the block only to the right or to the left but when i stand on it, the block go down.
The other problem is that the block don’t fall when he is not on the platform anymore.
How can i fix that without using physics beavior ?

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by giving the block the platform character behavior and disable controls.

as for pushing blocks only in x axis, there are some, options, liek forces, tweens or just plain xposition manipulation.
you need to check player.x() and compare it to your box.

Thanks to both of you.

I used your example to push blocks but now i have two more problems :

  • the block follow the player sometimes
  • you can’t jump or stand on the block

if you give you block the platform behavior you can jump on it.
as you can see in my screenshot, i have some adjusting numbers, like the +10, to push the box outside of collision range.

HY. Thanks to both of you. After 6 hours of trying everything, i Managed to achieve 99% of i wanted. But a little problem (big for me) is still here. When the block fall from the platform, i want it to fall straight not a few pixel to the right when he fell to the right side or a few pixel to the left when he fell to the left side of the platform. Can someone help me ? thanks

if you dont want the box be bushable in air, use the condition box “is on floor”.
that way i shouldnt move midair.

Sorry. I don’t understand what i must do.

But i have another problem.
when the block is against something1
and you push to the right in this example
the game do a bug
the player go trough the block (and the player goes from the left to the right of the block without jumping)

it isn’t covenient because the purpose of the block was to push them against walls and use them to jump higher