Make the character fall slower? (Glide?)

It’s a platform game, and my main character is a bat. When the character is falling (after a jump, or falling from a platform) and we hold the jump button, she uses her wings to fall slower.

The gravity is used here, but in the Physic automatism, the global gravity can only be changed. Is there a way to only restrict the change the gravity on the bat, keeping the gravity for the remain objects?

I think you can apply a small force (just like when you move the character) oriented toward the sky so as to decrease the effect of the gravity.
( Gravity is just a force permanently added to all objects :slight_smile: )

Thank you, I shall try this very soon. :slight_smile:

Just another question: How do I compare if the character is jumping or falling? My intention was use different animations for both situations, as the Platform example which comes with Game Develop has only a jumping animation. And also, if you fall from a platform, without hitting the jump button, the idle animation (on the platform) doesn’t change.

I think you can compare the speed on the Y axis of the object to 0 ( In Game Develop, use the expression MyObject::Physics.LinearVelocityY() ). If it is greater than 0, the player is falling.