Make the screen move

I would like to know how I make the screen move regardless of the player position.
So if the player didn’t jump fast enough and the screen is still moving the player will lose?

Use the camera actions to move the view as you like.
Then use condition to check if player position is out of the view. (Camera center minus half width/height of camera)
There’s a vertical runner example project, maybe it does that.

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Can you write the steps how to do it?
Or refer me to a link where they explain how to it ?
I managed to make the camera follow the player, but I have trying to look option how to make the camera just go up…nothing.

2 options:

1st: use variables to move the camera.
Variable camX to control x position and variable camY to control y position. Then you have to change those variables, however you want to move the camera.

The other is to center the camera on a hidden object, you camera object.
Then move your camera object the way you want to move the camera.

I will try that.

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