Make Tiled sprite ot of my excisting sprites?

I have started to make my own sprites for my game. #ArtIsNotMyThing
I make it in Piskel so everything is in the game engine.

I have a sprite object called ShipSide1 -The animation in the sprite is also called ShipSide1.
I want to make it into a tiled object but the sprite dosnt show up in the list. What to do?

Hi, the dropdown list shows the name of your files (notice the ending .png) which is not necessarily identical with the name of your objects (e.g. ShipSide1), so for finding the right sprite you need to type the file name.

You can click “choose a file” to browse the asset folder and select the sprite from there.

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Ah thenks. I did not see that when in piskel I can Renate the file at the top of the window. Piskel just gave et default name… I understand nok:)

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