Make "Time between frames" and "Loop" options always enabled in Animation Panel


That is a very simple feature request. When an animation don’t have any frames we can’t change the “Time between frames” and the check for “Loop”:

Maybe that makes some sense, since if there are no frames, how could we stipulate the speed or check the loop? However, if we insert a frame, modify the speed, mark the loop and remove the frame, the choices remain saved:

Here I’ve re-inserted a new frame and the saved options are enabled to be modified again:

Knowing that the changes are saved even when the animation don’t have frames and this doesn’t cause any problems, my suggestion is that we can change the “Time between frames” and “mark the loop” even if there are no frames. So, if someone when creating an animation wants to first mark the loop or change the speed before inserting the frames, they can do so.